Wine Tours to Moldova

Wine traveling in Moldova is something all wine lovers should do at least once in a lifetime.

On our wine Tours of Moldova we visit the two largest wine cellars of the world. It’s a unique experience to drive around inside it and seeing the 2 million bottles of wine in stock. In addition, we pay a visit to some of the new players of the Moldovan wine industry. We also take a short detour to Transnistria and visit the world famous cognac distillery.

Day 1: Upon arrival in Chisinau we go by car to Chateau Vartely where we stay the night. We will be treated to a wine tasting (5 wines). After dinner at the winery, it is time for coffee or perhaps enjoying a bottle of wine on their terrace.

Day 2: We start the day off by driving to Old Orhei, one of Moldova’s most famous old monasteries. It’s possible to also visit ancient limestone caves where people lived from 600 BC. On the way to Tiraspol, capital of Transnistria, we have lunch. We will arrive in Tiraspol in late afternoon. In the evening your guide will take you to a local restaurant.

Day 3: We begin our day with a visit to Bendery, visiting an old Turkish fort. This is the fort where the world famous Baron von Munchhausen flew on a cannon ball over the fort and jumped onto a second cannon ball coming back. After lunch it’s time to visit Kvint (if you do not want cognac tasting, but wine tasting instead, then please deduct 40 Euro. from the total price) In Kvint we will taste 10 different kinds of cognac of 8 to 50 years vintage. Additionally there will also be a light meal and a gift from Kvint.

Day 4: We are leaving Transnistria to go to Purcari wine castle. Before arriving at the most famous wine chateau in Moldova, we will pay a visit to a small winery. They will offer samples from 4 different kinds of wines, as well as lunch. After lunch we travel on to the Purcari wine castle, enjoying samples from 10 different types of wine. In late afternoon we arrive at our hotel in Chisinau, where we will seek out a fine restaurant according to your wishes.

Day 5: Beginning the day with a tour of Chisinau, we will be visiting the local market. There will be ample opportunity tasting various produce from local farms. In addition we’ll visit the Arc de Triumph, the city cathedral and more. After a light lunch we head to Milestii Mici, which is the world’s largest wine cellar. In the old days it stretched for over 200 km but today is somewhat smaller. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the world’s biggest wine collection. We are treated to various dishes and 7 wines, as well as little gifts to take home.

Day 6: At your disposal in Chisinau. Of course we’ll be standing by with suggestions on how to spend the day.

Day 7: Rendezvous at 10:30 to head over to Cricova, the second largest wine cellar in the world. Russian President Putin celebrated his 50th birthday here. Once there we will start with a tour of the cellar. Then we’ll proceed to sample from 7 different kinds of wine and enjoy a nice lunch. If I’m not mistaken there are probably also little gifts to take home. Since this is your last night in Chisinau, we will offer you one last wine tasting in connection with supper on a Georgian restaurant. This is an absolute top spot in the city of Chisinau when it comes to eating and drinking and it is indeed our own favorite place in town.

Day 8. Depending on your time of departure it is possible to spend the morning sleeping in, going for a walk in the Old Town or acquiring the last few souvenirs before flying back to Denmark after a wonderful week in Moldova.

Price: 1145 Euro per person.

Price includes: 4 days accommodation in Chisinau; one night at Chateau Vartely, two nights in Tiraspol, breakfast all days. 75 Euro must been paid when you book the tour.

Dinner at Kumanek in Tiraspol incl. beverages, six wine tastings (a minimum of 34 wines) one cognac tasting (10 cognacs; 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 20, 25, 33, 40 & 50-year vintages) lunch or light dishes with all wine/cognac tastings, gifts from Kvint, Milestii Mici & Cricova, airport transfer, guide, driver and border fees at the Transnistrian border. 1070 Euro must be paid when the tour start to our partners in Chisinau.

Price does NOT include: air fares, insurance, as well as local transportation in Moldova, not described in the programme.

Price is quoted for parties of 6 persons – with fewer or more persons, changes in prices may occur.




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