If you fancy something different for a holiday, then Transnistria may be the country you might be visiting next time you plan a vacation.

Located between the river Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border to Ukraine, Moldova does not recognize Transnistrian independence so the country in reality belongs to Moldova. The capital is Tiraspol, the second largest city of Moldova.



Tiraspol in Transnistria holds much culture and history that dates back to the reign of Stalin. The town is relatively modern by Eastern European standards, but obviously still suffers from the sins of the past although the city is making great progress. Tiraspol is especially known for its wine making and here you have the opportunity to experience the biggest wine cellar in the world, holding more than two million bottles. Outside of Tiraspol is a lot of small villages, each with their own interesting history. Tiraspol is undoubtedly a city worth visiting if you are into something different when travelling and not just a beach vacation.

Dining out is also incredibly cheap in Tiraspol while not compromising quality, so don’t worry about that. Additionally, the residents are so hospitable and accommodating that your next vacation must include a visit to the charming city of Tiraspol.


Bender is the sole town in Transnistria located on the west bank of the Dniester river. Bender has for centuries marked the border between the Orthodox and Christian faith. The town has an old Turkish fort, which housed King Karl XII when he had to flee here after his defeat to the Tsar of Russia (Peter the Great) in 1709. Baron Von Munchausen also visited this place, though in a more adventurous way than King Karl XII. It was here the Baron flew on a cannonball into the fort, and then jumped onto another cannonball to fly back again. We can not judge whether the story is true or not.

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