While Romania might not seem like the most obvious destination for your next vacation, this Eastern European country is rich with beautiful culture that is certainly worth experiencing as a traditional tourist.

Romania features many unique and well-preserved medieval towns with historic castles and palaces as well as many other old sites and buildings that also appears on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

In this article you will gain an insight into the unique culture of Romania that will maybe stand out as a “must see” for you when reading about the various attractions that exist in this country – who knows?

General information about Romania

Romania is bordering the Balkans in Eastern Europe. Until 1989 the country was ravaged by dictatorship and one of the world’s largest buildings, the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, remains as a reflection of the dictatorship’s former glory, while the rest of the population lived in miserable conditions. After the fall of the regime in 1989 development in Romania has been positive, albeit the infrastructure and the Constitution generally has been characterized by the shadow of the dictatorship regime in the different cities. However, the history of dictatorship in Romania contributes to a very interesting history and culture in the various cities where a wealth of magnificent buildings give the country it’s unique characteristics. If you’re not into Romania’s culture and history, there are plenty of opportunities of rich experience. Along the coast of the Black Sea – mainly around the towns of Constanta and Mamaia – there are white sandy beaches, you’d only know from postcards. Here you will find the tourist life and holiday moods you recognize from other destinations – only prices are cheaper in Romania.


Bucharest is the capital of Romania and the city is truly characterized by the rule of dictatoricolae Ceausescu. In the 1980s he decreed that the world’s largest building should be located in Bucharest. Although the plan didn’t come to fruition, since the Pentagon in Washington exceeds it in size, the Parliament in Bucharest is today perhaps the greatest tourist attraction in the city. The western part of Bucharest holds the site of Ceausescus tomb, certainly worth a visit if you are interested in this historical part of the city. The Old Hof Church built in the 1600s is also a very popular tourist attraction radiating Romanian culture.

Other unique cities

Other exciting cities in Romania include Brasov, an old medieval town in the Transylvanian mountains. The city has many fine buildings and beautiful cobblestoned squares with lively cafes surrounded by beautiful countryside. Brasov is also the center for the surrounding ski resorts in winter.

Castle Bran in the Carpathian Mountains between Transylvania and Wallachia, said to be the former home of Count Dracula, is certainly worth a visit. A walk in and around the castle is like a fairytale experience. Although Dracula living there is not historically documented, the thick walls, small rooms and the atmosphere, both creepy and charming, make a visit to Castle Bran something very special.





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