East-Tour is a danish travel agency offering a variety of wine travel, spa tours and guys’ trips to Romania, Moldova and Transnistria. We are very happy to welcome you to our website and hope to help you choose the perfect trip to Eastern Europe.

East-Tour has put together various excursions and arrangements combined to create a perfect trip for you. Traveling with East-Tour, boredom is not an option. Initially, all trips vary in length between 5 and 12 days. Should you have different needs like longer cultural tours or shorter guys’ trips, we are of course willing to accommodate this. Your wishes are our main priority, which is why you can always count on solutions tailored to your needs. Generally, much of the decision-making is up to you.

East-Tour has made arrangements with a variety of hotels and hostels enabling you to decide for yourself where you and your party wish to stay, depending on your destination. In addition we have various excursions and activities for you to choose from.

Visit historic places, buildings and cities. These tours are of course agreed upon in advance, with everything set up according to your needs. Another possibility is to explore cities and rural districts on your own. In certain countries we even offer special tours giving you an experience out of the ordinary – Romania and its capital Bucharest, for example. Bucharest is a city sadly overlooked by many when choosing their holiday abroad. In fact, the city is an obvious destination for guys’ trips and wellness tours offering exclusive spa excursions and spoil-full relaxation in a city of 2 million.

Other special excursions to Eastern Europe include prolonged trips to a world famous cognac factory in Transnistria and the worlds largest wine cellar in Chisinau, Moldova. Both these destinations are obvious choices if you are on a guys’ trip or wine travelling through Europe. At the end of an eventful day we go on to a restaurant where our knowledge of Eastern Europe will be put to good use.

We at East-Tour have dined at all the restaurants we recommend and you can expect first grade quality. After dinner, you and your party may continue on a night out on the town – we’ll help you find the best bars, pubs and discos. Are you interested in further information about the various destinations? Check out the different pages of this website, rich with essential information most useful to you when planning guys’ trips, wine travel or cultural tours of fabled Eastern Europe. Should you have further questions for us, you are most welcome to contact us by phone or email. East-Tour are looking forward to travelling with you!